November '14: ADR Newsletter

November ‘14: ADR Newsletter


Hay There Diamond Girlz and Guyz,

Since we “soft launched” the label earlier this year we’ve celebrated the release of The Lawsuits “Tumbled EP”Ron Gallo’s solo debut, “Ronny”, re-release of TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb’s “KONG” EP, the 4th of July/Marley’s Birthday with a SOLD OUT Boot and Saddle party, and our very beginning steps to doing some pretty cool stuff in the coming year.
Behind the scenes we are doing heavy lifting to hit it hard in 2015 with a whole bunch of new releases, a brand new video session series, some new signings, tours, ADR showcases and a general presence in Philadelphia and beyond. Shall we call it a second coming? 

While, we’re busy in the lab office workshop conference lounge here’s what our music-makers are up to NOW:

Ron Gallo:
"RONNY" will be closing out the year with a handful more northeast dates including Philly (12/5 @ Johnny Brenda’s), Boston, NYC.  See full list of dates on his page.  Also, new debut music video for “Started a War” out SOON (stay tuned).  He’s also working on his next release tentatively called the “Don’t Mind the Lion” EP with engineer Joe Bisirri (of The Lawsuits).  From what we’ve heard it’s hawt, heavy, darker, psych-rock stuff complete with full band.  Never know which way he’s gonna go and we are intrigued nonetheless.  More soon! 

The Lawsuits:
Just getting back home from a nice little tour up north and out to Chicago, including a stop at one of our favorite things, Daytrotter, for the second time.  We can expect that session from them soon.  Brian Dale Allen Strouse also recently collaborated with Bij Lincs of Ground Up for a Philly Tapes Philly Session. CHECK IT OUT. There are studio rumors for the winter-time.  They’ll be doing a couple dates with Boston’s, Kingley Flood in January. see TOUR.

TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb:
We were floored by this years annual KONG Halloween Murdershow.  Their masterful party throwing and one of the best Kong set’s we’ve seen deserves them ages of rest.  Not to mention a killer new music video for “Blood in the Bathtub” from the KONG EP.  Expect tour dates and some recording news real soon….

Levee Drivers:
Aside from tireless show playing, August and co. are putting the finishing touches on what will be the Levees debut full-length record with XPN’s John Vettese.  This record is very highly anticipated and long overdue, so we hope to have updates on that very soon.  You can catch the Levees on and ADR presents show 11/20 at World Cafe Live with Bernhardt Family Band.