American Diamond Recordings are distributed by The Orchard.

American Diamond Recordings are distributed by The Orchard.


The Collective:
Ron Gallo - Founder, Father
Marley McNamara - Managerial Artist, Debutante
Dan Bruskewicz - Chief, Rebel Officer
Brian Dale Allen Strouse - Captain, Shaman
Reed Kendall - Head Producer, Studio Master

American Diamond Recordings is a Philadelphia, PA based record label started in 2014.  Initially founded by Ron Gallo in 2013 as result of necessary fates it has grown into a collective of the bands involved. It is named after the intersection which it is located at in the Kensington neighborhood of Philly, also the previous location of the former studio of Dr. Dog.  

Something magical has been brewing in Philadelphia over the last few years.  Maybe it's the gritty landscape, the anxiety, the down and dirty, real deal energy of the city that has created a wave of undeniable talent, creativity and community, and frankly one of the best unknown music scenes in the country right now.  

With artists like Dr. Dog and Amos Lee fronting the breakout of Philadelphia into the national trajectory an equally incredible family scene of artists call Philly home and are making some of the best rock n' roll music around.  Toy Soldiers, Ron Gallo, The Lawsuits, TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb, Levee Drivers, The Districts, Ali Wadsworth, Satellite Hearts and more to name a few.

Decades ago the industry folk fled Philly to seek prosperity in the three corners of the music business NYC, LA, and Nashville.  But American Diamond Recordings and For the Record Management are planning on changing that and making Philly a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.  We sure as hell have the goods to do so.