Ron Gallo


“Gallo has a unique and powerful voice that he knows how and when to let loose. “Otherworldly” might be a good way to describe it… certainly a huge part of what makes Toy Soldiers one of the best young bands in the country.” - The Swollen Fox

"Lead singer/songwriter Ron Gallo shows a wonderfully dry sense of humor with songs like “Heart in a Mousetrap”, and lines like “one and one make eleven” (from “Red Dress”) help give the album its fun character and adds a sense of momentum.” - Popmatters on “The Maybe Boys”

“Gallo, who wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs, possesses a voice with great range, not to mention some nifty histrionics.” -Dan Ferguson,

After a brief stint in outer space by way of Easter Island, Ron Gallo returned to earth a few years younger then when he left.  During his time up there he had a relentless touring schedule of over 360+ shows a lightyear, opening for all kinds of big stars capped off with a headlining performance on the "Universal Studios Sunspot Stage" as part of the annual Sun By Sun West Festival presented by Corona.  The 60-piece Mars Milky Way Philharmonic Orchestra joined him for this one time performances showcasing traditional universe roots styles ranging from meteoroid n' roll,  cosmic soul, etc. with songs focusing on normal daily life, commentary on the downfall of martian society, love and boom------------"RONNY" the debut solo mp3 collection disc was born.....shut up. hi. 

twitter: @ronjgallo
instagram: @rongallo