The Lawsuits


The Swollen Fox Best of 2013:
“One of Philly’s most versatile indie bands, The Lawsuits’ debut LP impresses with great songwriting and a catchy blend of Americana, folk, pop, psychedelia, blues, soul, and more.”

Spin on "Long Drive Home" from Cool Cool Cool.
“The Lawsuits stitch together an array of styles and genres on their latest album, the upcoming Cool Cool Cool...  Singer Vanessa Winters’ soulful vocals flesh out the track’s deep blue color scheme, which is just briefly punctured by short, sunny, hopeful interludes from Brian Dale Allen Strouse, the Philadelphia foursome’s chief songwriter, guitarist, and singer.

Rolling Stone
“Dreaming #26 focuses on an artist dealing with their love of creation, as well as their love for another being,” The Lawsuits’ Brian Dale Allen Strouse tells Rolling Stone. “There never feels like enough time to satisfy both. It’s a struggle trying to engage and nurture the creativity one feels internally without letting day to day responsibilities slip through the cracks. So, it seems fitting that the song’s music and lyrics were written and recorded simultaneously.”
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The Lawsuits have been described as a “schizophrenic mix of modern americana.” However, they don’t stop there - interweaving elements of reggae, 60’s pop flair, and 80’s anthemic refrains, woven together by highly literate lyrics.

They play with an energy that’s infectious, charging through changeups and reveling in every solo, making the playing of each song look as enjoyable as it is to listen to. The songs are intricate and insightful in a way that recalls a time when music was more pure, but with a progressive and lighthearted style that is executed with apparent ease.

The band consists of songwriter and lyricist Brian Dale Allen Strouse, accompanied by Vanessa Winters' alternately dancing and soulful vocals over the tight and powerful backing of Brendan Cunningham and Josh Friedman.