Toy Soldiers

The Maybe Boys , Released Sept 10, 2013

The Maybe Boys, Released Sept 10, 2013


“One of Philadelphia's best live bands” -USA TODAY

"It's not every day that a band like Philadelphia's Toy Soldiers comes along. Their blend of twangy, ass-kicking rock and soulful honky tonk personifies the perfect juxtaposition of whiskey-soaked American roots and foot-stomping, barn-storming indie sensibilities." -James Joiner for ESQUIRE

“Good rock ‘n’ roll is deceptively simple, but it touches something deeply primal in the human soul ... it has the power to get the body moving and the blood pumping, and it’s alive and well thanks to a Philly five-some called Toy Soldiers." -KUTX AUSTIN

Toy Soldiers love a good song and dance. The lively & hard-working Philadelphia 5-piece have spent the past five years playing hundreds of shows, bringing their soulful brand of rock n' roll music to dive bars, festival stages and theaters all over the USA.  And with the Sept 2013 release of their second full-length, The Maybe Boys (produced by Bill Moriarty [Dr. Dog, Man Man]), they have no intention of slowing their roll. Named one of the “Top Bands to Watch in 2013” by USA Today, Toy Soldiers will continue to spread the music and inevitable good times well into 2013 and beyond.


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